genkav (genkav) wrote in frugalliving,

Rexall Pharma Plus: Diabetes Starter Kit FREE ($100 Value)

Great kit for anyone you know, or yourself, that is suffering from diabetes.

More info on the kit here

Kit includes:

* Complete Accu-Chek blood glucose monitoring system
* Rexall Record - Diabetes
* Rexall Resource - Living Healthy with Diabetes
* Rexall Pedometer
* Accu-Chek Life Coach Nutrition DVD
* Information on the Accu-Chek Lifestyle series
* Accu-Chek 3-day Challenge information
* Coupon offer for Accu-Chek lancets
* Coupon offer for the Accu-Chek 3600 software program
* Coupon for a FREE carbohydrate calculator
* Rexall Reminder ReadyTM brochure and enrollment form
* Information on Rexall diabetes-related products

only available at Rexall Pharma Plus locations, Canada wide.
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