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Change jars again!

For those of you who have change jars, how much saved change do you average per day/week/month/year/whatever. Also, what type of "change saver" are you? I'm kind of like the warden and elitist. Though, I admit, I only know how much I have because my change jar counts it! 

 The Warden

You watch every cent as it’s added to the jar. You know exactly how much is in it, at any given moment. You might go as far as marking the container. You know if money has been removed, so don’t even consider taking a quarter from the warden.

The Elitist
No copper gets mixed in with the other coins. You want to maximize your savings, so adding pennies is just useless filler that wastes your time. You’ll still save pennies, but want them separated.

The Potty Mouths
They call it a swear jar. The concept is whenever someone swears, they add a set amount of money into the jar. Let’s just say we tried this over here. I won’t mention any names, but someone over here started just handing over ten dollar bills in advance for the week. lol

The Jingler aka Pocket Pool Pro
Ewww. I’m sorry, but you guys have got to stop jingling the change in your pockets. Just the thought of it makes me twitchy and not in a good way. No one should jingle when they walk. It’s just not right.

The Hoarder
The change somehow never makes it out of the car. The car ashtray, drink holders, and consoles are overflowing with change. One fine day, you finally get a large container and clean out the entire car. Some hoarders have their spare change in their purse. They only empty it out when their purse gets too heavy to carry.

The Obsessive Organizer
Each type of coin is in its own separate container. You might go as far as cleaning the coins because you like shiny things. The containers are lined up and don’t anyone dare toss a nickel into the dime container. tsk tsk Let’s just say you won’t find any legos, game tokens, or Canadian coins in this jar.

The Tip Recipient
Founder of lost change in the laundry. All money found goes into their tip jar. Snooze you lose if you forgot to empty your pockets.

The Impatient
You have small change jars because you can’t wait long enough to fill a larger jar. You roll your change as soon as there is enough to roll and deposit into the bank on a regular basis. You need instant gratification and don’t have the patience or tolerance to save change any other way.

The Optimist
You have the largest change jars or several for various goals. Your main goal will be something large such as a Disney Vacation or HDTV. You will add dollar bills into the mix.

The Precise
You give exact change often. People in line behind you roll their eyes, but you count out exact change during most transactions. Your change jar consists of a small shallow dish, tiny container, or dresser drawer because the times you don’t give exact change, you use your debit card, so not a lot of change accumulates.

The Improviser
You’ll use anything you have handy to hold change. An old sock, baby wipes container, extra glass, vases, mason jars, ice cream buckets, cookie jars, empty candle jars, baskets, envelopes, baggies, plastic jugs, plastic food containers, coffee cans, etc.

The Scavenger
You are always on the lookout for spare change. You’ll search couches, the ground, public telephones, under drive thru windows, etc. A simple walk through your house can net you a minimum of $4 in change.

The Stasher
No one knows where you’re hiding the cash. Its location is top secret. Your methods are secretive too. You’re determined to save and no one is going to stop you.

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