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The Great Alberta Getaway Contest

Does an all expenses paid trip to Alberta count as Frugal Living?

Contest open to Ontario residents Only!

Ends: May 19th, 2009

Interesting all expenses paid trip to Alberta if you win the contest:

"Enter the Great Alberta Getaway contest for your chance to become the official Adventure Ambassador and win a four-day trip to Alberta where your adventure will be filmed for a special online series."

How to win

"Upload your photo and a video or short story describing why you would be the ideal candidate to become the Alberta Adventure Ambassador. Charisma counts—your video and/or story will be judged on creativity, originality and enthusiasm. The ten best entries will have their submission posted online for public voting."

What You Win

- Four action-packed days of adventure in Alberta from June 6–June 11, 2009
- Activities could include flying down a slope on a zipline, galloping through the foothills on horseback, looking up at a mountain from the rock face, taking the plunge on a whitewater raft and much more—view the Great Alberta Getaway Itinerary to see what we have in store
- Have your entire trip filmed for an online series of webisodes

For more info, visit the contest website.
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