Cheryl (gasslight) wrote in frugalliving,

Failed Web-Fu

Oh, Internets? There's a couple of things I have not been able to find:

1.) I'm wanting to make salsa and can it. A couple of years ago I some that featured tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, celery, peppers, jalapenos, and vinegar. The only one I'm finding like that is suggesting I need, oh, 27 or 28 POUNDS of tomatoes so that I can get some 34 pints. Which is a bit more salsa than I want to make. Any ideas, anybody? Or even favorite recipes?

2.) Semi-relatedly, can I store items that I've canned on their sides? I don't know WHY I'm leary of that, but I am. Opinions? Facts?

Thanks for any and all help.

You probably know I'm cross-posting...
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