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Frugal Living

Discussing ways to stretch what you have at any economic level.

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Frugal living was inspired by the community poor_skills. However, our scope is not limited to the bounds of the inexspensive. Frugality is often confused with penny pinching. While this is a part of frugality, living frugally means using all our resources in the best ways possible. For instance, a normal cook might bake a chicken and get one meal out of it. A frugal cook will eat baked chicken one night, chicken tacos the next, and chicken soup the day after. Frugality helps the earth and our pocketbooks. Frugal living can, and should, be done at any income level. Therefore, discussion on this community can include topics ranging from how to best use a whole chicken to how to get the best deals on a new jaguar.

DO NOT advertise, self-promote, or ask for donations of any kind for any reason on this community. THIS INCLUDES POSTING THINGS LIKE ING REFERALS AND REQUESTS FOR HELP GETTING A FREE IPOD!

Other Helpful Communities:

(Know more communities with frugal helps? Let me know in an email.)

PLEASE -- Be respectful. The aim is to bring together people of all backgrounds to discuss frugality. Try not to step on toes. No swearing or generally disrespectful or abusive language.
Also, please don't hype your community here without getting permission from the mod first.